5 cool tips for the inexperienced rug-shoppers

Rugs are like the lazy geniuses of the upholstery world. If you don’t want to spend much money on the flooring options of your house, you can save the day by looking out for exquisite and not-so-mainstream rugs to enhance the outlook of your home/office.  The Arabian rugs in Dubai have an exotic look to it with intricate patterns woven into the beautiful carpets which reflect their outstanding craftsmanship and incredible designs. If you are looking for rugs & curtains in Dubai, visit the high-street market stores. The Masafi Friday Market would be a good place to start with.

If you are looking for that perfect rug for your home/office, worry not, here we have a few tips for the nervous rug shoppers:

  1. It’s not you, it’s me- Firstly, figure out what kind of rug YOU want. Will it be hand-made or machine made? Do you want a modernized quirky rug or the old traditional genius? Ask yourself which is the choice you won’t regret making even 10 years down the line and choose a rug which suits your personality. Voila! There you go. You’re welcome!
  1. Don’t leave the Internet alone- Leave no stone unturned. If you are interested in the rugs in Dubai, you can go for local websites and get a basic idea of the differences in prices, qualities and make a choice which suits you the best.
  1. Finalize the size and shape of the rug you want: Make sure that the size and shape of the rug that you want will complement the rest of the furniture in the best possible way. Buying a rug blindly without considering whether it will match your room’s décor is a big no-no.
  1. Who is going to do all the work? High quality rugs need to be meticulously cleaned. If not, it can become unhygienic. Make sure the rug is appropriate for the lifestyle you lead.
  1. Retail stores, here I am: Find the right store which suits your need. Ask for free trials. Compare the prices of the rugs online with those found in the stores. Compare the quality and other benefits. Measure the pros and cons and then make your decision whether you want to buy the rug online or in a retail store.

That’s it, folks. Now go get the rug of your dreams!