7 Best Perfumes For Women

Who doesn’t want to smell nice and when it’s about women than no one would disagree that they are always watchful about their outfits and personality. Women have high expectations from everything they buy, whether it’s an accessory or any fragrance. The fragrance has the power to stimulate a person’s sensuality therefore, a fragrance should be enticing enough to impress a woman’s senses. You can explore a vast range of branded and best perfumes in Dubai.

Here we are revealing the seven most popular perfumes for women that have an evocative effect on females. You can find all these exclusive picks at V Perfumes stores which is a leading store for stockings of best perfumes in Dubai.

• Thierry Mugler Alien For Women EDP

As the name states it is a mysterious smelling scent with a beautiful blend of jasmine, white amber, and woodsy notes. It a dark and intoxicating fragrance that is immediately recognizable by others when you wear it.

• Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose EDP

It an undeniably delicious fragrance with lots of woods in the base. It opens up with the note of raspberry and jasmine that will set your mood in just one spray. As time goes on its base notes that are vanilla and musk comes out as a breathtaking aroma.

• Dior Poison Girl

A fragrance with younger yet mature smell is the one that will make you roll over its seductive aroma of amped up vanilla. This exceptional scent opens up with the sharp and citrusy notes of lemon and bitter orange and mellows down with rose, almond, and tonka bean notes.

• D&G Light Blue EDT

Launched in 2001, this perfume has a sensuous vibe to it with a perfect balance of freshness, fruitiness and floral notes. You will be going to enjoy this fragrance for years once you get complimented for its amazing smell of apple, cedarwood, white rose, amber, and musk.

• JPG Classique

Released in 1993, it’s an elegant woodsy perfume designed for the women who dare to stand out. These perfumes have notes of rose, orange blossom, ginger, vanilla, and amber wood. You can wear it in the daytime but it us also sexy enough to wear it on a night out.

• Marc Jacobs Daisy

It’s a very youthful, fresh, floral scent that is especially known for its versatility. This woody musky scent was released in 2007. It opens up with a fresh green smell from grapefruit and strawberry. Everyone will love and appreciate the playful and pleasant smell it projects.

• Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

It is an incredibly timeless smell that will surely capture your soul. It a fresh, floral, spicy and oriental scent. It has orange, mandarin, and bergamot with patchouli and vanilla which makes it a really alluring citrusy fragrance.