An insight on different types of joints used in wooden joinery works

There are many companies famous for joinery work in Dubai. Among all such works, woodworking joinery where different wooden pieces are bonded together to produce fine structure like furniture pieces, toys or any other such things, is quite popular. The quality and consistency of the material used in the joinery process defines the durability of the final product. Here we shall be discussing about a few of the common styles of woodwork joints. Take a look.

Butt joint: when a wooden structure need no strong joints,  butt joint is used.  In this, two pieces of wood are attached perpendicularly to each other by using some glue. But since the glue fixing can be feeble, nails or screws can also be used to obtain a better durability.

Lap joint: Lap joint is commonly used to create cabinet frames. The half lap joint is the most used lap joint types. In this, the two wooden pieces to be joined together should be of the similar thickness. A dowel pin or a fastener is used to create such a joint.

Housing joint: in this type of joint two wooden pieces are bonded together at specific angles by cutting a die in one of the pieces and tucking the other one between the slit. This is the strongest style of joints and is used in creating bookshelves, and drawers.

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