Fun facts about bees

Fun facts about bees

An infestation of bees can be rare, however, it can be as irritating as any other type of infestation. Apart from being an inconvenience, it can also be scary. Bee stings are quite dangerous and trying to handle them without professional knowledge can hurt you. According to the inputs of companies for Sharjah Pest Control , bee infestations need to be handled by professionals with extreme skill.

  1. They can be very loud!

There are a lot of cases when insects have become a big nuisance. This is a well-known fact and most people are aware of this. bees usually come in huge numbers and their buzzing sounds can cause a lot of trouble. Their sounds get even loud when they are mating.

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  1. Scare

They can be quite scary. There are a lot of cases when people have had the stings and have had poisonous effects. Anyone who disturbs their nest can face the adversity. Apart from this, the stings can also result in itch and rashes.  

  1. Destroying plants

It is well known that honeybees make trips to plants, peck the flowers, and collect nectar. For this they peck different trees and that to in a very large number. This means that they destroy too many plants to collect nectar.

  1. They travel about 15 miles

It may seem too much distance for their size. However, it is too slow in the bug world. They are built for their short trips from flower to flower, and not for long distances.

  1. Male bees die immediately after mating

The sole purpose of the male honeybees is to mate. They die immediately after their job is done.  

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