Protect your cable trays from harmful corrosion-causing elements

Protect your cable trays from harmful corrosion-causing elements

Cable tray systems are very useful components in any kind of industry. Cable tray supplier in dubai produce trays in different sizes and of different materials depending on the ease to clean and maintain, cost and corrosion resistant ability. cable trays of different materials need a little more care in order to maintain great strength for a longer period. The best way is to keep your trays away from harmful corrosion-causing elements. They include:-


Chloride components are generally found in most of the cleaners used to clean the trays installed in indoors and outdoors. The chemicals like chlorine and chloride are much harmful and cause damage to the outer layer of stainless steel trays. It is better to avoid cleaners which contain high amount of chore that penetrate and damage the protective layer of the trays.


Cable trays are susceptible to deposition of dirt particles from the outside environment. It is advised to remove damage causing materials like steel pads, papers and wire brushes. Instead, cleaning the trays using a soft cloth on plastic pads is recommended.


Industries use hard water for cleaning purpose but hard water contains a heavy amount of mineral concentrates which is harmful to cable trays. Utilising hard water for cleaning cable trays leaves spots on the steel trays and damage the outer layer leading to corrosion. Hence, it is advised to avoid hard water for cleaning cable trays.


Certain deposits produced in the industry can be harmful to the outer layer of the stainless steel trays and decrease their quality. In order to take care of the trays, the installation environment should be kept neat and clean especially the food processing unit which deals with natural chemicals present in the food. The chemicals present in the food might react with the steel and cause extensive corrosion.