Don’t ignore the signs of hormone imbalance

Don’t ignore the signs of hormone imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is a common problem for millions of people in Dubai. It can be a result of changed lifestyle and food habits, The other reasons include pollution and genetics, We advise you to go for regular health check-up in Dubai if you experience the symptoms such as-

Increased Weight Gain

The individuals who have a hormonal imbalance may find that they gained weight regardless of their efforts to remain fit and healthy. Insulin resistance can be counted as one of the most common causes of this issue, which is a side effect of lacking certain hormones in the body. Certain dietary changes can help with weight gains, such as avoiding processed foods, sugar, and wheat products.

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If feelings of depression, tension or anxiety are being experienced, this can be indicative of a hormonal issue. Depression is a hint that the body is exhausted, overworked, toxic, or stressed, and is not being nourished in the way that it needs in order to properly function.

Take necessary steps to fight depression, like Hormone therapy, asking the doctor about medication, starting energy supplements, or increasing exercise.

Decreased Libido

Another common symptom of this problem is a reduced libido. It normally starts with disturbed sleep patterns, which results in reduced sex hormone production and lack of sex desire.


Those suffering from unbalanced hormone levels can end up feeling tired and exhausted, being lazy and foggy is not a normal daily occurrence, so this can be an indication of illness. Shifting to a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help reduce the increased exhaustion.

Poor Sleep Patterns

A sleeping disorder otherwise called Insomnia is the beginning of the stress anxiety that influences the body’s cortisol levels. This can directly affect hormone levels. Follow a timetable and hit the bed at a reasonable time every night for the best quality sleep.

Food Cravings

Adrenal fatigue and insulin resistance can bring about food craving. It can make a man eat more than they truly need to fill their stomach. By following a healthy diet and eating small meals during the day will help control those cravings.


during pregnancy, some women produce an odorous discharge called Chlamydia. Yellow colors discharge may be the symptoms of Gonorrhea. A yellow-greenish color discharge accompanied with itching and redness maybe because of Trichomoniasis. This is due to the occurrence of one of the three forms of STD which is very common during this time period.