Steel is the Choice For Metal Building Materials

Steel is the Choice For Metal Building Materials

We all want eco-friendly and sturdy building at the same time. Steel is the most used building material which gives a sturdy structure to the building. One also wants to save the nature as well as have a sturdy structure. Sodamco and Jotun Paints in Dubai is available through leading company provides construction material, flooring materials, and other materials.

Well designed and executed steel buildings are not only eco-friendly but are also convenient and affordable. They are also more sustainable alternative structures. This also happens to be one of the reasons why more and more people are now trying to implement these materials in the buildings that they are constructing.

Why should STEEL be used?

  • Steel is better than Wood-

Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio to wood. Steel components are stronger than wood without adding much weight. Steel structures can primarily be used in areas which are prone to earthquake, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Steel is also fire and termite resistant. Hence it is more durable than wood.

  • Resource Preservation-

Research show that to construct a building with wood will require trees planted in an area of an acre. One can simply construct a house with metal scraps from 6 cars.  It is easily proved that steel constructions make more sense than the regular constructions. A building can be used by reused and recycled materials which give it the most eco-friendly touch to it.

Building material
Building material
  • Prefabricated Components-

Pre-fabricated buildings are eco-friendly from the start of the construction to the end of the construction. This process requires less workforce and is quicker to complete. The onsite construction is easy, and the production is eco-friendly. Pre-Fabricated components are gaining popularity every year, and building which requires this are the best alternative.

  • Longevity-

Steel buildings provide the greatest durability and the longest lifetime. They are always on the top of the list of builders who want to build a sustainable structure. Every time the building will require repairing or replacement, some degree of energy is required. But steel structures require fewest renovations.

  • Energy Efficiency- Heating and cooling accounts for 50% or more of a building’s total utility consumption. The pre-painted or granular-coated material works to reflect the solar energy and re-emit most of the heat. It saves up to 40% on heating and cooling costs.

Sodamco provides the best solution to the construction issues regarding materials used in constructions. Buildings with steel structures have received GREEN certification with various standards around the country. It meets the requirement of National Green Building Program and US Green Buildings Council’s LEED program. The steel structures are used for both commercial and residential purposes.