Importance Of Insurance For UAE Expats

Dubai UAE, has been continuously expanding and the city offers large investment opportunities for domestic as well international investors, trade persons by offering many free zones throughout the city. Apart from other sectors, medical costs like cost of doctors, hospital stays and medicines are increasing at a faster pace in Dubai, and it has become essential for Dubai immigrants to take insurance policy from agencies like to retain a fixed amount of money to support surviving family members if anything worse happens to the policyholder. Importance of having an immigrant insurance in UAE is:-




For Emiratis, there are government-sponsored schemes, private health care providers like must offer insurance plans for expat communities as they contribute to the majority of Dubai population.

With some adjustments in legislation, all the expat employees in emirates UAE are eligible to receive a minimum level of healthcare cover as per the rules of Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Some portion of that stipulation implies that healthcare cover must be in sync with the policies provided by a local insurer. Additionally, there are around 48 health insurance companies permitted by DHA to market insurance plans, so the prices of the Insurance schemes should be compensated.

Imagine you are the main bread earner in your family and responsible for paying the school fees, loans and the general cost of living and fell critically ill suddenly. UAE laws states, when a person is on sick leave, he is entitled to receive 15 days full payment and 30 days of payment. In general scenario, if a person who is suffering from critical illness cannot get back to normal and return to work in 45 days. So it becomes impossible for run your living without receiving any income.

To avoid the consequences, it is essential to be prepared for worst situations and plan for life and critical illness cover, pre-existing & chronic conditions, maternity cover( for C- section and other complications) for expats in Dubai. It is advisable to seek advice from a registered expat medical insurance agency which has good reputation in UAE. check out url: for best INSURANCE brokers in UAE.