Important questions to ask when choosing a vet! 

What if your pet discovers some new health issue in the middle of the night? Are you prepared? The most crucial part of any emergency plan is having a good Vet. When such a situation arrives it’s not the time to fumble through the yellow pages to find a vet. Right now is the time to start your search for a vet before you have an emergency! Here are the top ten questions to ask when looking for a good vet clinic Dubai.


Firstly, use all available sources to create a list of recommended vets in your area. You can start searching for local veterinary associations, veterinary schools, local pet groups, animal shelters, pet owners, local pet breeders, pet stores. ask from your friends and family, use internet search engines. When you are finished with creating a list asking these questions as part of your search for a vet. 

What are their operational hours? What are their normal working hours? Do their normal hours mesh well with your schedule or if not, are they flexible? More importantly, what do they do if emergencies occur after normal working hours? How are patients monitored for an overnight hospital? This relies on how large their faculty and facility is. If they don’t facilitate overnight stays, ask where they recommend.


Does the practice use modern equipment? Do they stay current on knowledge, procedures and treatments? Ask if the vet has the advanced tools like the latest equipment for taking blood pressure, a Pulse Oximeter to monitor the animal’s oxygen and a Packed Cell Volume, which estimates red blood cell count without needing to send a blood sample to a lab. 


Does the practice refer patients to a specialist? If yes, where do they refer? What type of situations will be referred to a specialist? For what reasons do they refer, for major surgery or advanced procedures? Do you refer patients who have conditions that are hard to treat or diagnosed with others for a second opinion?


The vet clinics practices must meet specific standards and guidelines regarding facilities, equipment, patient care and staffing. Ask them if their employees are experienced? The more people at the clinic are licensed the better. If not licensed, what is the level of training and experience of any unlicensed technicians?


How many vets practice at the facility. If they have someone expertise in specific areas or if they are recently trained. If there are certified specialists and what their focus field is. However, vets are not required to have an internship, but those who do have an advantage.


Compare their cost of regular checkups and services to other comparable vets. If their costs are way out of line compared to other vets, make sure you ask why their costs are not comparable to other comparable vets services.


Not every vet clinic will fulfil all of these criteria, so make sure you choose the vet that meets the highest number. Choosing a veterinarian may be the most important decision you make for your pet. So, make a careful and informed decision. Vet Veterinary Clinic is the renowned vet clinic Dubai you can rely on for your pet’s health.