Laser Cutting Procedure

Over the past few years, the technology of laser cutting has evolved into a state of art. Laser cutting is an excellent technique for cutting metal plates with extreme accuracy. These are used on mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum plates, yielding precise results. The laser beam is a high-intensity light that transfers a wavelength with the help of a curved mirror. This wavelength then travels by different paths or beam benders finally focusing on a plate flowing through a very small kerf. Along with the wavelength, there are compressed gases like oxygen and nitrogen that consistently melt, burn and vaporize the steel, cutting the part into the desired shape. Laser cutting service in Dubai uses several parameters that are reliable, stable and very accurate.

There are mainly three types of lasers used for cutting, boring and engraving purpose. Co2 is used for the general applications, but when it comes to applying constant and high power laser beams, neodymium(Nd) gas and Nd-YAG gases are required. Laser cutting services in Dubai use the best-suited way to cut the metals into a design you aspire. It has many benefits in producing distinct products and parts.

  • Safety

As there is no contact between the metal and the cutter, the material is safe from the risk of getting contaminated while performing the procedure. Your workpiece is all safe.

  • Accurate

They achieve the perfect and precise design as the laser cutting procedure can be done focusing on small points without any wear and tear to the cutter and the work piece.

  • No wrapping risk

The amount of heat required to cut the piece is very controlled and done over the exact area. Narrow cutting on the efficient parts reduces the chance of sheet wrapping due to heat and saves the material.

  • Diversity

Laser cutting procedure is fast, easy and can be repeatable in the same area. Multiple parts of a material can be nested within a single task. Moreover, it is capable of cutting many types of materials and the thicknesses.

  • Saves time

It takes no time to adapt and set up the program. It also does not requires and cleaning and finishing as the product is ready for the immediate shipments.

Zayn Steels in Dubai is the most experienced in the field of material processing and tailored specifically to meet the customer’s requirements, thereby delivering them with the quality work pieces.