The Magnitude of Student Counselling in the real world

Student behaviour can be extremely erratic. Thus, changes in behaviour also affect performances and in turn, also career paths, that’s why counselling plays such an integral role in the life of a student, especially in a school setting. In the ideal situation, a counsellor should build a relationship with the student. The student should be able to confide in him/her. The trained counselloris able to guide the student and solve problems in a friendly but also professional way. Nowadays, career counselling in Dubai  has taken up more importance.

Functions taken up by a counsellor: Empathy is one of the most important functions along with active listening. As a problem unfolds, the counsellor should be able to gain insight into its nature and try to navigate the obstacles and arrive at a feasible solution. However, it is important that a counsellor does not come off as an authoritarian or a condescending figure, they must be someone a student can approach with ease, and they should also be respected.

Why a counsellor and not  a parent/teacher/friend: Counsellors are highly trained individuals, especially who have both experience with problems of students and also an unbiased third-party opinion of any situation at hand. Counselling also involves a series of specific techniques that requires time, effort and persistence.

Career Counselling
                       Career Counselling

Goal setting:How do counsellors help students to discover their goals and set a career path for themselves? Students that come from troubled homes find themselves without goals. By giving them small daily career counselling goals, a counsellor builds motivation in a student and encourages them to pursue the career choice of their dreams. This process is especially difficult and challenging for problematic students who have disorders or come from broken homes. This takes more professionalism and attention on the part of the counsellor. In today’s world of competition, a counsellor helps a student find a career that fits their personality, skills and interests and pursue it. The youth should also be motivated for self-employment and become successful entrepreneurs.

Student counselling, especially career counselling is taking up an increasingly important role, but people still view it as a stigma. This shouldbe removed and schools and parents must ensure that students are not only advancing academically but are also given the opportunities to develop in a holistic manner.For more details regarding career counselling in visit