Safeguard your home with stylish security sliding doors

Sliding glass doors are one of the most popular styles of glass doors used in most modern homes. These are very convenient to use and add a new dimension of style to your home. It allows the beautiful view of your yard into your home without any distraction of frames or other elements. There are many companies offering sliding doors in Dubai in a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

These are great  to add style to any of your interior space. But the traditional sliding doors have inherent flaws making them hard to secure. To avoid this you can instead go with the security sliding doors that let you enjoy the convenience and beauty of these doors without any risk.

Unlike the traditional doors, which can easily be lifted off their track, even when fixed with standard locking plates, these types of sliding doors cannot be lifted from their tracks from the outside.

The security doors have strong frames that are assembled so that they do not pry apart to remove the glass panel. These doors make use of welded frames that includes glass detainment strips. It is also ensured that the glass panels that extend into the frame casing.

The locking mechanism on the new doors is also new. These make use of full throw 2 inch deadbolts at the top and bottom.  These also use retractable hook latches with real thumb turn knobs for added security.