How to set up your own business in Dubai?

So, you are looking for a company formation in Dubai. Well that’s a great thought as Dubai is growing as a biz hub offering many opportunities to fresh as well as established business owners. If you fall in the category of being a starter, then the process of company formation can be a little complex and arduous. However, it is advised that you must hire a business consulting firm that is reputed as well as experienced in the field of settling your business in Dubai.

Once contracted, the business advisory firm will help you in the business formation in Dubai by doing all the paperwork, completing the legal formalities and all other such things required. Not only will the experts employed at the advisory firm will guide you in setting up your business, but also help you to run it successfully. Let’s take a look at few of the important things to do when setting up your company in Dubai.

· Select the type of business you need to set up
Whether you want to own a retail shop, an internet based business, a hospitality company or some other industrial business, you must choose the business type beforehand. This will help in in determining the location of your business set up that would be most suitable for you, the kind of license you would need from the government, and all other legal and registration formalities needed.

· Type of ownership
If you need to set up your company in Dubai city, then you would need to look for a Dubai national (local sponsor) who will be 51% owner of your company in Dubai. However if you want a complete ownership of the company in Dubai, then you must invest in a location in one of the 35 free zones here, where each of them is dedicated to a particular sector of business type.

· Aptly follow the legalities
It is mandatory to follow the rules and registration procedure appropriately, if you want to start a business in Dubai. You must always make sure that all the documents required for the legal formalities are in both Arabic and English language. Also, the copies of the documents would be counted as valid if signed by a notary.

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