Everything You Need To Know About Flare Stack

Everything You Need To Know About Flare Stack

Before approaching a flare stack supplier or before making a purchase decision, you will have to know all you can about flare stacks and flaring systems. For starters, flare stack is a combustion that is used in industrial plants to combust harmful gas. They are extensively used in plants like oil refineries, gas and oil production plants, etc.

With proper information about the systems, you will be able to make a good purchase decision when you approach a flare stack supplier. Before making a purchase decision, one should know that flare stacks are a part of flare systems. The flare stack receives gas through the pipes attached to the system and the gas is then burnt down.

The type and amount of gas or liquids directed towards the flare stack determines the size and brightness of the flare.
The main objective of flare stack is to relieve gas elevation and to reduce radiation. Almost all industrial plants require flaring. Here are a few reasons for flaring –

1. To ensure safety in the plant during emergencies and for regular maintenance
2. To manage the exhausts during processing and compression
3. Flaring is useful during well production testing post the completion of drilling
4. It helps in recovering oil at well sites

Types of Flare

When considering flare stacks, you will have to know that there are different types of flares. They are –
Elevated Flare
Ground Flare
Enclosed Flare
Open Flare

Flares are also segmented according to –

1. Service
Cold dry flare
Acid gas flare
Warm wet flare

2. Pressure
High pressure
Low pressure

Industries, especially the oil and gas ones need to have proper safety systems in place. Flare systems provide required safety by burning the excess gas from the surroundings. If you are looking for a good flare stack supplier in Oman, contact Majees Tech.