Things to keep in mind while adopting a cat

Cats are the most common friends of homeowners in their houses. These cute and cuddly creatures no doubt makes your house more entertaining. Are you too planning to welcome a kitty as your new family member. However, as a pet owner, you will need to take many considerations into account to ensure that you will be giving it the nurturing environment it deserves. It is essential to provide these lovely creatures all the amenities they need, from shea later, food and most especially a regular visit to Dubai municipality vet for keeping their health in check. 


A cat can live for an average of around 15 years. Make sure you are prepared to accommodate them into your life for such a long time. Also give some thought to ensure that your fellow family members agree with your idea of adopting a cat. If all set, then consider the following steps to confirm you can include them into your family. 


  • Know their expenses

Their common experiences are cat food, cat litter, their water bowls and feeders, routine veterinary check-ups, medicine such as de-wormers and flea powder, unexpected medical costs. If you are prepared to meet all of the above expenses then you are off to a good start. 


  • Choosing a cat

Choosing the sex and breed of cat is the first thing you should put a lot of thought into. You may prefer adopting the mixed breed cats – they have the most humorous personalities and are generally friendlier. While on the other hand there are purebred cats that have got the looks and can be just as charismatic. But, purebred cats tend to have more health problems than other cats, so adopting a purebred cat needs a flexible budget.


  • Place from where to buy your cat

 Consider adopting your fur-baby from an animal shelter as shelters charge a very small adoption fee. Also, often the cats are given to you fully vaccinated, de-wormed and shaved! If you are adamant on a purebred, no worries. Ensure that you purchase from a legally registered breeder or pet shops. They sell both mixed breed and purebred cats.


  • Prepare for their arrival

Before welcoming them to their new home you will need a few things. A litter tray along with plenty of cat litter to lower their odour; a scratching post as cats love scratching their nails on furniture. They will rather use a scratching post than your furniture; a warm cozy bed; toys such as rattling mice or stringy objects; food and water dishes preferably the plastic ones; and last thei food. It is important that you buy food that is appropriate for your cat ‘s age and also follow the meal’s guidelines well.


These are some of the few bigger considerations to ponder while planning on adopting a new companion. But there’s more to owning a cat. It takes love, care and dedication, so make sure you are prepared and willing to meet the challenge. If you need more information you may contact Vet Veterinary Clinic as they are the renowned Dubai municipality vet to guide you with the best option as per your lifestyle choices.