Tips to design an ideal restaurant

Say that you want to open a restaurant and people start advising you about several things. Good food and great customer service are very crucial to get good ROI. However, one of the most important things that you have to consider is the ambience of a restaurant! Did you notice the growing popularity for restaurants with good ambience? Well that is what you should note.

Restaurant interior designs in Dubai have gained a lot of prominence in the recent years. When designing your restaurant and planning the theme, consider the following points:

  •    The ambience has to be comfortable for your guests
  •    It has to be pleasant
  •    It should be entertaining and give your guests a reason to come back

Understand that the ambience of the restaurant is what sets the mood for your guests. For instance, formica tables, loud music and colorful plates sets a pup-type mood. At the same time, linen tablecloths, china-ware and jazz can set a fine dining atmosphere.

Balancing Seating Capacity

When planning the design of your restaurant, always keep in mind that there should be a balance between the ambience and the seating capacity. Do not fill up the space with seats. Too many seats can make the place look congested and may suffocate your guests.

You may want to make place for enough customers and turn a profit. But at the same time give importance to making your guests feel comfortable. When you look at some popular restaurant interior designs in Dubai, you can see that some types of restaurants focus more on the seating capacity. For instance, diners have a greater seating capacity and fine dining restaurants focus more on the ambience.

Restaurant Design Problem Areas

A perfect table may not have room for something called a bad table. But there are some places where the customers may not feel very happy to have a seat. The most common restaurant problem areas where the guests don’t prefer sitting are:

  •    Kitchen entrance
  •    Near restrooms
  •    At the front entrance

Another area may be the tables that are in the middle of the dining room. In order to overcome this problem, you may want to try placing dividers like tall, designer plants, wooden partitions, or large screens separating the tables.

You can also try relocating a wait station to a problem area. But how to identify problem areas? You can find them by sitting in every single chair in the dining room.


Music is very important. You have to understand that not many guests find silence as a good thing at restaurants. Music is something that sets the tone in a restaurant. It works just like the design of a menu card or the design on the walls. See to it that you don’t play repetitious CDs.