Ways to sponsor your spouse in Dubai

You will require a family visa Dubai if you want your family to stay with you in this beautiful cosmopolitan city of UAE. As a spouse, you can sponsor your partner in Dubai only if your total monthly earning is 4,000 AED or more, or it is 3,000 AED with accommodation. 

 As a wife, you can sponsor your husband, if you can fulfill the above-mentioned salary requirement. If you are not working as a doctor, engineer or teacher, you must make a petition to the department to exempt you from this requirement.

(Note: according to new family visa rules of UAE of 2019, job title for the sponsor is not necessary) 

It is the department that will decide on the request and pass its resolution of acceptance or rejection. If the petition is accepted, then the basic salary requirement will increase to 10,000 AED without accommodation or 9,000 AED with accommodation allowance. A renewable visa for one year will be issued to your spouse.

 You have to make sure that all things required for getting a residence family visa Dubai for your spouse should be done at an authorized typing center here. Plus, the visa application should be typed up for you in Arabic. You also must bring along all of the original documents available with you. 

 All that you would need to sponsor your spouse in Dubai:

  • Visa application form.
  • Passport copies of your spouse in color.
  • Passport size photographs of your spouse with a white background (keep around 15 copies always).
  • Your (sponsor’s) original passport and Emirates ID.
  • Original attested marriage certificate as well as your spouse’s birth certificate from issuing authority, UAE embassy from sponsor’s country and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  • Original tenancy contract issued by EJARI along with the recent electricity bill.
  • Your original labor contract as well as an attested salary certificate.
  • Original and valid medical certificate.
  • Your IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
  • Your bank account statement for the last three months with the original stamp and signature.
  • Health insurance for spouse.
  • A fee of 5,000 AED.

 The below-mentioned steps should also be followed when sponsoring your spouse in Dubai:

  • Your spouse should have his/her medical tests, including blood tests and x-rays, completed at an authorized medical facility.
  • You and spouse should visit the typing center at the immigration department together, and get all the required documents ready. Fill the application forms and submit them along with the documents and required fees.